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For successful, and prominent site registration... it is not enough to simply register the main (index) page of your site. A number of search engines will do with this, they will scan the other pages of your site on their own, but the process will take much time and will not be as effective.

This is connected with the search depth restrictions; many search engines do not scan deeper than the 3rd level. To overcome these difficulties this software makes use of the Spider utility. This utility will help make sure that ALL your site pages have been successfully registered on the search engines. The Spider utility will scan your site according to the given parameters you define, and obtain all the pages, and links which can be registered on the search engines. This is a powerful tool capable of submitting your entire site, not just the home page.

To start working with the Spider, please provide the following information.

First, you should indicate your site's location. You can define the site located on the Internet as well as with its copy on your local hard drive. Simply check or uncheck the Use local checkbox. To work with the site on the Internet (Use local unchecked) you should enter:

Start URL
This column contains the address of your site in the Internet (e.g., http://www.yoursite.com).

To work with the local copy of the site (Use local checked) you should set:

Base URL
This column contains the address of your site in the Internet (e.g., http://www.yoursite.com).
File name
This column contains the path to your start page on your local computer (e.g., d:\www\mysite\index.html). You can type the file name manually, or browse to the directory by pressing the Browse button.

Now you should set the following parameters for the Spider.

Use foreign links
Check this checkbox if you want the Spider to search for the links and scan not only the pages of your site but also other sites pages, the links to which are on your site.

Maximum links
The maximum number of the links Spider should get from each page. For example, to return 10 pages of your site, set this to 10.

Levels for Spider
The number of the recursive levels of the site pages for Spider to scan. For example, if you wish to scan thru 3 levels of your domain (www.yoursite.com/dir1/dir2/dir3) , then set this level to 3.

You can set the files with what extensions should be taken from the pages.

You can click on Check All/Uncheck All to check/uncheck all file extensions.

To start the Spider, press the Add and Spider URL button.

In the URLs field you can see all of the links and other web pages on your site the Spider has located on your web site!

You can add links manually by pressing Add Manual URL. The link that should be inserted must be entered into the Start URL filed.

To delete all links press the Delete All button.

To delete selected links press the Delete URL(s) button.

If an errors occur during the Spider work, you will see the notice in the bottom window.

You can also use the Spider Wizard. It is an easy way to set settings for the Spider work.

The NEXT button activates the Submit window.

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